About Return to Work Solutions

Return to Work Solutions, formerly Rehab 90, knows the importance of facilitating injured or disabled employees back to work. We are proven experts in this field, with over 20 years specializing in services to assist insurance carriers, third party administrators, and self-insured employers with their return to work needs.

We know the complexities of return to work practices and disability management. We use this to dynamically guide employers to identify return to work possibilities and clarify confusing laws and regulations. With extensive knowledge of medical social, psychological, and workplace issues, we identify proven return to work practices to ensure successful re-entry of employees into the workforce.

How Can We Help You Save Money

Whether an employee is absent for an industrial injury or a non-industrial medical condition, an employer is left to answer difficult questions such as:

Can the employee do the job?
What types of modifications are possible/necessary?
Are there alternative jobs available?
Is the employer aware of the advantages of offering modified or alternative work?
Can they adequately document the efforts they have made to find a job?
Are they meeting their responsibility to the employee under the law?

Return to Work Solutions works with employers to make informed decisions to address these questions, ultimately saving money on lost productivity. Having a good return to work program also helps employers avoid thousands of dollars in penalties, fines, and compensation costs.

Why Choose Us

We are committed to providing effective return to work services. We provide:

Experts in return to work services statewide
Bilingual return to work specialists
Job Descriptions and Job Analysis throughout California
Job Analysis for AME/QME appointments
True value to employers offering modified or alternative work
Complete paperwork requirements in a timely manner
Rehab90 to
Return to Work Solutions

What’s in a name? For us, it’s a lot! We’ve rebranded our company name and website to better communicate our values and philosophy. New brand, same dependable service. We’ve helped countless companies and insurance carriers establish successful return to work programs. We can help yours. Talk to us!

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Send Electronic Referrals!
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