Why should you use Rehab 90 and Return to Work Solutions for
Return to Work Services?
  • Return to Work Specialists
  • Job Descriptions and Job Analysis
  • Offers of Temporary or Permanent work
  • Experts in return to work regulations in California
  • Emphasizes the value to employers offering modified or alternative work
  • We complete the necessary paperwork in a timely manner
Rehab 90 and Return to Work Solutions have been in business for over 20 years specializing in services to assist insurance carriers, third party administrators and self-insured employers with their return to work needs. Our personnel are experts in return to work services. We aggressively guide employers to identify return to work possibilities and clarify the confusing laws and regulations.
Whether an employee is absent for an industrial injury or a non-industrial medical condition,the employer’s/carrier’s problem is the same. Can the employee do the job? What types of modifications are possible/necessary? Are there alternative jobs available? Is the employer aware of the advantages of offering modified or alternative work? Can they adequately document the efforts they have made to find a job? Are they meeting their responsibility to the employee under the law?
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Send Electronic Referrals!
REHAB 90 & Return to Work Solutions
Return to Work Services
Employers who want to reduce the cost of their Workers’ Compensation premiums understand the importance of returning injured workers to transitional or permanent jobs as soon as possible. With the changes in the laws, however, documenting these efforts and meeting the stated timelines are often cumbersome. Rehab 90 has developed an efficient way to complete this process:
Job Descriptions
Job descriptions are a crucial factor in the return to work process. Without documentation of the physical requirements of the job, a doctor may rely on inaccurate information to determine if and when a person can return to work. We contact the employer to complete an accurate job description of the usual and customary (regular) job for the doctor to determine if the employee is able to physically perform the duties.
Employer contact
We work closely with the employer to explain the process and applicable laws and complete the appropriate forms in a time-efficient manner.
Temporary Offers: The Labor Codes for the SJDB (voucher) and Return to Work process have created a situation where multiple temporary offers may need to be made on a file. We contact the employer and complete these forms on behalf of the employer and mail them to all applicable parties.
Permanent Offers: When the injured worker is MMI (P&S), we contact the employer and explain the advantages and rules for offering regular or modified/alternative work and complete the State mandated permanent offer form.
Medical Follow-up
We vigorously pursues a medical release from the doctor to return to light duty work. If temporary work restrictions are known, we work with the employer to develop a job that fits within those restrictions and make a temporary offer of light duty work. Medical follow-up then continues on the U&C (regular) job description until the injured worker reaches maximum medical improvement (P&S). At that time, the employer is contacted again to prepare the necessary paperwork for a permanent offer.
Rehab 90 updates the carrier on a regular basis via email or reports with the status of the file.
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